August 2017 - Internet is here, but not from us!


West Hood Canal Residents:

It’s been a long while since our last public meeting, and we have been working to secure the necessary contracts with the various parties to begin launching the network before the snows return this winter. After all this time we received our final terms from the company in Hawaii (yes, Hawaii) who purchased the towers on Mt Jupiter this spring.

And then something else happened. When we plugged our trusty radio...

May 2017 Update - Slow Progress


It’s been almost 6 months since our last community meeting, and although we’ve shared a few updates over Email, we wanted to take a moment to share more with you. Although we’d hoped to make a bit more progress before the rain fades, a combination of work and community planning has taken its toll (did we mention that Phil, among his many roles, is also leading Shrimpfest this weekend?)

The good news is that...

November 2016 Community Meeting


Approximately seventy-five people attended a short notice, community broadband meeting in Brinnon, Washington, on Saturday, November 5th. The meeting was part of an organizational effort by folks between the Hama Hama and Mt. Walker who either have no, or miserable broadband service. The group plans to take things into their own hands and establish a community owned system if commercial providers continue to ignore the area.

It was an old fashion, rural community get together...

Can it work?


That’s a great question. Let’s talk about the answer.

In a word, yes. There’s a lot of precedent out there for how to do this. Several companies specialize in building equipment designed for small wireless networks just like ours, and they have years of experience doing it.

If you’re interested in your own research, search for WISP (which stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider). You’ll find hundreds across the country, in both huge cities (like...

How much will it cost?


How much will this whole thing cost? Well a lot of that depends. There are two parts: the fees we pay to build the basic infrastructure, which can support from 1 to hundreds of users; and the costs to run the network each month.

Building the Network

Design Costs

Before we get started, we have to do a little bit of design. This includes a lot: estimating how much bandwidth we need, how...

Getting Started


Welcome to the West Canal Community Broadband site. We’re a small group of local residents fed up with expensive and slow Internet, and we’re taking it on ourselves to do something about it.

Before we get started, we wanted to let you know who we are: residents of the local community who live, work, and/or play here throughout the year. We’re spread up and down the Hood Canal, from Mount Walker to Hama Hama, and...