West Canal Broadband Survey

2021 is a big year for broadband on the Olympic Peninsula. Funding is coming from the state and national levels to improve connections for everyone, even if you're in a remote area.

But there's a problem: nobody has a good map of where service is needed (read more here if you're curious why.) This survey is an effort to build a high-quality local map of customer demand for broadband, and where service exists.

Your privacy matters. We're collecting this data to help the community, and won't sell your data. Click here to read more.

Contact Info

The rest of the survey is optional, but important for us to gather data on who needs service.


Where do you need (or use) the internet?


Addresses are optional, but important to help us make a map. You can submit multiple surveys if you need access at >1 address.

We will share your internet and speed data, but not your Email.


What's your main internet connection at this address?


Common providers are Wave (Cable), CenturyLink (DSL), OlyPen (DSL), and NOP (Wireless).

Advertised Speed (Mb):

Please select the speed you pay for, even if you don't get that speed.

Is it fast enough?

Asked differently, do you frequently suffer buffering or disconnects when using the internet?

Does your provider offer faster speeds?

If you are connected to your primary network, the speed test helps us verify your advertised speeds. Please stand close to your router to reduce WiFi interference.


How much do you pay for service?

Monthly cost ($)

If the PUD offered faster or cheaper broadband, would you switch?

You are not making a commitment, we are only gauging interest.


1 = Would not recommend, 10 = You're telling everyone!