2021 Town Hall Meeting + Updates

 07/14/2021 -  WCCBP -  ~2 Minutes


This week we have a few updates. First, we’re planning a town hall Wednesday August 18th at 5:30PM at the Brinnon Community Center   . We’re finalizing our speaker list now, but plan to share updates about all of the various projects active in our area and answer questions you have about it.

Second, we met with Mason PUD1 and Hood Canal Communications   last week, and have some good news for people in Mason County. For those of us in Jefferson County, the news isn’t as good yet. Read on for more details by county.

Mason County

Mason PUD1 and Hood Canal Communications are partnering to build fiber north from Hama Hama Oyster Co. The first step is north to Mike’s Beach Resort. The second step is an extension to the county line. The plan is to use grant money from the state to offset some of the cost. Both Mason PUD1 and HCC need community support to win the grants, including possible use of Mason County funds to make up the gap.

Please Email your Mason County commissioner   , attend the Mason County Commissioners meeting   on July 20th 2021, or Email Kristin at Mason PUD1 with your letter of support.

Jefferson County

For folks near Brinnon who get their power from Mason PUD1 but live in Jefferson County, we have a different challenge. We need Jefferson PUD to apply for grants and develop a plan to reach us, just like Mason PUD1 has done with HCC’s help. Without Jefferson PUD’s help, service could stop at the county line.

Please keep Emailing Dan Toepper (our Jefferson PUD commissioner) and/or Greg Brotherton (our Jefferson County commissioner). Ask them to help Jefferson PUD to create a plan for Brinnon, apply for grants, and find a way to reach south county. Without their support, Jefferson PUD will stay focused on north county and we’ll be forgotten.

We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather!

-Robert, Phil, and Jim