Example Support Letters to Elected Officials

 08/21/2021 -  WCCBP -  ~1 Minute

Example Letter to Senators and Represenatatives

This is an example Email. Feel free to write your own. Every letter counts!

Our senators and representatives now use a contact form to receive Email. Here the direct links to contact them:

Senators Murray, Cantwell, and Representative Kilmer:

I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state near the Hood Canal. Our area has no reliable or affordable broadband. Our community has worked hard for five years to advocate for new service, and we need your help to make it a reality.

Our local PUDs in Jefferson and Mason Counties have worked to develop plans to expand broadband to reach us. The state broadband office has already approved some funding. We need your help to secure final approvals under the NTIA and ARPF grant programs.

Please take this letter as a request for your help securing these approvals as early as possible. The pandemic showed why broadband matters so much to rural education, health, and jobs, and how far behind we are. Without your support, we’ll be left behind again.

Thank you.