2022 Updates: NTIA Funding Approved!

 03/06/2022 -  WCCBP -  ~2 Minutes

It’s been almost 6 years since the organizers of our group and I first met to discuss connectivity in Brinnon. None of us knew at the time how much hard work it would take to get (and stay) connected. We’re delighted to share our biggest news so far:

The NTIA approved grants to bring broadband to Brinnon!

The $30MM grant, co-sponsored by the WA State Broadband Office   , included two Jefferson County projects.

Service is expected be online in 2023 or 2024, and these grants are designed to pay for the line to your door. We expect speeds up to a gigabit (1000 down / 1000 up). These speeds are so fast, your home WiFi probably can’t keep up!

We’re very excited about the news, but the journey isn’t over. Inflation and supply chain problems mean we’ll probably need more grant money than planned and could delay the launch dates. That said, once fiber shows up in our area, it’s good for everyone!

We will share more in a future update when you can pre-register for service.

Project Areas

Note: We are still working with Jefferson PUD on fiber access at the Duckabush station. They previously announced this in 2021 at our town hall meeting, but delayed/cancelled the project without explanation. We’ll share more about this step in a future update.