2023 Update + Mason PUD1 Grant Letters

 01/06/2023 -  WCCBP -  ~2 Minutes


It’s been a while since our last big news, but we wanted to tell you what is happening with broadband around here.

WE NEED HELP if you live south of Mt Walker – basically Brinnon to Hama Hama Oyster. As we announced in 2022, grants were approved to bring fiber all the way to Mt Walker, but the first plan missed some utility poles that need to be replaced. Mason PUD1 needs more funding to fix them. If you can, PLEASE SEND A LETTER like the one below to the commissioners and the state. Time is short, so do not wait.

Update: We have been asked to send all letters to Kristin, the GM of Mason PUD1, so she can include them in her grant request. Please CC her directly!

Kristin :

I am writing in support of the recent Mason PUD1 grant request to support the Brinnon Broadband project along the Hood Canal. Our area has the fewest broadband choices of any of our nearby neighbors that are receiving upgraded service, and assisting with pole replacement costs will also help many other utilities, including our power and telephone services. I’d formally like to request your organization’s support of matching funding to help Hood Canal Communications and Mason PUD1 with the final funding needed to connect our community.

Thank you for considering our community and helping us avoid another decade without connectivity.

The last thing you can do is to help fix the FCC broadband map   . The older map often says we have service when we don’t. If you search for your address and see a company claiming you get service when you don’t, send them a challenge! Bad data makes bad decisions, and highlights how many of us were left behind (and hidden by companies.)

Feel free to forward this to everyone you know who might be interested, and if they would like to join our list, encourage them to sign up at https://westcanal.net/survey-2021.1/   . If you have Jefferson PUD electric, check their map for project plans   . Be sure to sign up for service early (no cost). If you wait too long and grant funds run out, you might have to pay to connect!

We hope you had a great holiday!

-Robert, Phil, and Jim