2023 Brinnon Town Hall and Fiber Updates

 03/13/2023 -  WCCBP -  ~2 Minutes


It’s been a little while since our last update, but things are moving, if a bit slowly. There are, however, some exciting updates.

First, if you live in Mason County between Eldon and the county line, fiber has arrived! Hood Canal Communications is starting installations. To get in line, sign up on their website   . Several speeds are available, and if you’re new to shopping for Internet service, this Consumer Reports   guide is a great way to estimate how much speed you need. We usually recommend at least 100-megabit service if you watch TV online or regularly teleconference. Slower tiers can work fine for only occasional use.

Second, if you live in Jefferson County like most of us, the teams at Mason PUD1 and Hood Canal Communications have been working hard to get ready for our phase of the project. There has been a slight delay statewide with grant money, but things are starting to move again. Work is expected to start this summer with new power poles needed to hold the fiber. Our best estimate is that service installations start in 2024. We talk with both teams regularly and will update you as things move along.

Third, if you have not seen the announcement in last month’s Brinnon Crier, there will be a town hall this coming Wednesday (3/15) from 6-8pm at the community center. The agenda is packed, and most of our elected officials will be attending. Hood Canal Communications and I will also be there to help answer questions on the Internet work, alongside a lot of other projects too. Join us if you want to learn more or just say hi!

-Robert, Phil, and Jim