Broadband Is Finally Arriving - Sign Up Now!

 04/29/2023 -  WCCBP -  ~3 Minutes


Since we got started in 2016 almost all of our postings have been appeals for help. We’re delighted to share some big news this morning that the Hood Canal Communications team hinted at a few weeks ago:

Broadband arrives in Brinnon by Fall 2024!

What does this mean?

If you’ve lived around here for a while, you know the struggle we’ve had with broadband.

While we have a few different options available today, they’re either expensive or not available to everyone. Hood Canal’s network is different: it’s fiber to your house. Trees don’t interfere. It’s the same technology used to serve big neighborhoods in the cities, so it has the capacity to deliver good speed all the time.

On top of the speeds, it’s also cheaper than any 25/3 service we can buy today, and doesn’t have download caps.

What services are available?

Hood Canal Communications is a full service Internet, TV, and phone provider, and plans to offer all of its services. We’re going to focus on broadband.

Rigth now, HCC plans to offer several different speed tiers at different price points. The most expensive is a full gigabit (1000/1000) connection, which is which is great if you work remotely or have a big family.

Slower speeds – which are still faster than most service today – are available for lower prices. We typically recommend you buy at least 100/20 service if there are more than 2 people in your home or you watch streaming TV (Netflix).

There will also be accessibility grants (discounts) available for those who qualify. Look for more news here as the Jefferson Broadband Action Team works to secure funding and announces details.

How do you sign up?

Click here to join the waitlist on Hood Canal’s site.   Joining the waitlist is free (you don’t need a credit card) and does not obligate you to subscribe. However, knowing you’re interested helps Hood Canal with their planning.

There is another important reason to sign up early: the state and federal grant money isn’t unlimited. Early signups will have installation costs paid by the grant. Folks who sign up after 2024 may need to pay for the installation out of pocket.

Help needed from HOAs!

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA (e.g. OCT, Lazy C, etc.) we also need to know how to contact your board. Hood Canal is intersted in talking to your HOA president and board to discuss any access agreements that may be required on community-owned property. We’re working to collet the list for them, so please Email us at [email protected] .

-Robert, Phil, and Jim