July 2021 - South Jefferson County Forgotten Again!

 07/06/2021 -  WCCBP -  ~1 Minute


Early this summer, our broadband group started meeting with the various PUDs in our area. We were happy to hear they were starting to plan new broadband networks.

The bad news? They’re skipping us entirely: there will be no service between Mt Walker and the county line. Only the Brinnon School gets a connection.

Millions of our tax dollars will go to fast service for our commissioner’s own neighborhoods while we’re left in the dark. The PUDs made it clear - we have to get the commissioner’s attention to avoid being passed over.

We have a short window of time to change their minds. If the PUDs don’t create plans now, we can’t qualify for funding from the state and federal government. After that funding is gone, it could be a decade or more before they try again, if ever.

Please Email your commissioner as soon as possible. An example letter is here.

Please spread the word to everyone else that cares. The flyer we sent through the Brinnon Crier and posted at the community center is here. The more we can speak up, the better chance we have.

We hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

-Robert, Phil, and Jim